Basic ways I take pictures


Take lots of images

Types of setting to use...

Try different ISOs

Variety of shutter speeds/apertures

-/+ compensations

Changes of light 

Use variety of focal lengths


We have so much equipment to chose from to aid in our shooting..

Fist of all it is all based on the type of shooting you want to do 

and how much money you want to spend...


Sometimes I joke saying

"it's Chevy/Ford/Toyota/Honda"

They all do the same job...

depending on what you grew up with,

or friends recommendation

 What you feel comfortable with

It's a tool..


Most important part is the Lens..!

Rule of thumb is the lower the f:stop the better f:1.4-2.8 

 and usually cost more..

Fixed or zoom lens..

again it's depends on what type of shooting..

105mm is great for portraits

14mm for shooting star fields 

500mm for the moon

300mm for wild life

50mm f:1.4 general shooting/low light




these can get all the focal length you want.. 

With all the zoom lens out there the possibility are endless..


Support equipment


Lightweight VS application

I got several sizes of Bogan

Airplane travel size

or back packing:lightweight

bigger the lens size and weight 

the more sturdy the tripod will need to be...

Tip: when you need a real steady shot

use a hanging center weight that pulls

 the tripod down heavier...

Hence a steady shot

Tip:self timer or a remote..

if you touch that shutter bottom, it WILL move the camera..!

Bags and gear

A good camera bag is important..

it protects your investment..

small ones for light shooting

bigger ones when you need different focal length lens and gadgets

Backpack bags are the best..

when traveling with lots of gear: Pelican cases are #1..

Crown Royal bags are great for extra protection for lens

remote self timers...

helpful stuff...Check list


UV filter "Which you leave on your lens as to protect it"

neutral density filter

Cross filter

Gradient filter 



SD cards

lens cleaning cloth

zip lock bags

hide an extra car key

Flash light


one of those mini multi utility knife

Sharpie "for autographs" 

Find Your Eye..

There are as many different kinds of photographers as star in the sky 

Have an eye to see things, 

Things that capture light and life

moments in time that will never happen again..

Hence a Chronicler


lasting words...

Advice that my mentors gave me..


As for errors..,on your next best pic you get, it was from what you learned from previous trying..

never give up on your dream..even in dark times..

Take one picture at a time, focus on that,..Not literary one picture, but in that moment

 Meaning that by the time you get old you have lots of images..

Patience ...


The drive is in your heart...


Understand your lighting...

Study Meteorology...

sometimes you have to hide to get that shot...

Do things that may be dangerous...

Seek out the hidden..

Watch your back,

a safe photographer, is the best photographer

Don't get lost..

situational awareness can never be under estimated... 

Remember,  you also have to  stop and enjoy being in the moment

 without thinking about the shot,just enjoy being in that time..the here and now..

Sounds weird,but is refreshing to the soul...

The best image is yet to come...

Take lots of Pictures