About Me


My background

My background

My background

4th generation Photographer..

With my wife Rose, who helps supports  my photographic adventures while taking care of our kids and house..

And is in many of my images.. She is the Girl with the Red Umbrella..,

lens/tripod caddy also

 My 3 kids are shooting as well, making them the 5th gen..

I grew up with darkrooms and the smell of processing chemicals.

Kodak and Ilford..




My experience

My background

My background

48 years in shooting images..Grew up with cameras..All my elders where photographers..My Dad made his $ in news paper photography..(Chicago sun Times)  Grandpa did Portraits..Grandma recorded the life and times of our family..ALWAYS had a camera..My Mom also,but worked in the early days of LAND camera..which most know as Polaroid..

So it runs in my blood,as my kids,and my brothers and sisters and their kids also have the gene...

My saying is: The best picture is yet to come..


My vision

My background

My vision

Too see the world,things dangerous to come..To see behind walls,to draw closer..To find each other and to feel..That is the purpose of life...